ECEG Records releases CORD’s follow-up LP, ‘Songs for Your Season’ (08/28/2007)

ECEG Records releases CORD’s follow-up LP, ‘Songs for Your Season’ (08/28/2007)SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – August 28, 2007 – ECEG Records, a division of Emerald City Entertainment Group (, today announced the release of CORD's long-awaited follow-up LP titled ‘Songs for Your Season’ (UPC 843041055321). CORD’s last album ‘Who You Know’ (UPC 843041042369) was welcomed in 2005 by a sold out crowd at world famous Stubb’s in Austin, Texas. Dubbed “one of the top 5 homegrown rock bands of Austin” by 101X KROX for the last 3 years, CORD generated significant radio attention with singles “Make It”, “This Time”, and earned a prominent placement of “Sunday Morning” on the opening episode of ABC Television’s ‘Three Moons Over Milford’.

With their second full-length release, ‘Songs for Your Season’, vocalist and songwriter Cord Carpenter teams up with bassist Todd Meador, drummer Johnny Villarreal, and guitarist Robert Garcia to deliver a driving rock sound which is as commercially catchy as it is fresh and original. Featuring organist/keyboardist Rami Jaffee (Wallflowers, Foo Fighters), the album was created in a live and organic manner through a primarily analog production process. This process is responsible for a sound, which is dynamically more reminiscent of great rock albums from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s than many of today’s over-processed releases. CORD and Rami Jaffee will unveil ‘Songs for Your Season’ at The Parish Room in Austin, Texas on August 30, 2007 with locals Alpha Rev.

Emerald City is working with Barry Lyons, Meg McDonald, Michelle Clarke, and Jeff Appleton to promote the album nationally to commercial and non-commercial AAA rock radio; Tom Gimbel and Clatterhead Music Marketing to administer a viral/internet marketing campaign for the album; Lynn Grossman to solicit film/television placements; and Steve Backer to oversee marketing for the album and label.

The album will be available for purchase digitally through all of the major music download services (including Apple iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Real, and Sony Connect). A physical CD and 12” audiophile-grade vinyl LP will be made available through specialty retailers and the band’s live performances. The band’s digital and/or physical releases can also be purchased direct from Emerald City's online store (

The album was produced by Daniel Duerr and Rich Williams at Paradise Recording in Santa Cruz, California.

About Emerald City

Based in Northern California, Emerald City Entertainment Group is a contemporary music production & publishing company. Emerald City aims to deliver a higher quality musical product on a global basis by delivering its musical product the old fashioned way – sincere songwriting, soulful music from real musicians, and a belief that exceptional music will always warrant recognition.

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