ECEG Records releases Thomas Cunningham’s debut album, 'The Bottle of Wine EP' (01/01/2004)

ECEG Records releases Thomas Cunningham’s debut album, 'The Bottle of Wine EP' (01/01/2004)SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - ECEG Records, a division of Emerald City Entertainment Group (, today announced the release of Thomas Cunningham’s long-awaited debut EP titled The Bottle of Wine EP. Thomas Cunningham’s heart-felt lyrics and melody filter through rich layers of guitars and Hammond organs, backed by a powerful rhythm section that is sure to attract fans of such contemporaries as Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Mayer, Norah Jones, and Nick Drake. Featuring six of Thomas Cunningham’s original compositions, this album is over 19 minutes in length.

“Your voice is very charming and pulled me in right from the first verse, which is a rare thing for me these days. I can hear a little Goo Goo Dolls, Jack Johnson (I like your voice better), a little John Mayer and/or Nick Drake. The thing is that I think Thomas has a voice and ideas that are all his own.” – reviewer

The album was produced by Emerald City’s President, Daniel Duerr, in the company’s wholly owned recording studio in Santa Cruz, California. The album was mastered by Rich Williams for Paradise Recording in Santa Cruz, California. Photography was provided by Dina Scoppettone, and the packaging was designed by longtime veteran creative director Kenny Gravillis for Gravillis Inc. in Los Angeles, California.

The album can be purchased in CD, MP3, and WMA form at Emerald City’s online store. Additionally, the album will be used to promote Thomas Cunningham’s music to film, television, and advertising music supervisors, as well as the music and entertainment industry at large.

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