ECEG Records signs digital distribution deal with IODA (01/04/2005)

ECEG Records signs digital distribution deal with IODA (01/04/2005)SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – ECEG Records, a division of Emerald City Entertainment Group (, today announced a digital distribution agreement with IODA, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance ( Under this agreement, IODA will assume the exclusive responsibility for distributing the entire Emerald City music catalog to all major digital download services (e.g.: Apple iTunes, MSN, Real, Sony, Napster, etc) throughout the world.

"This partnership is vital to Emerald City’s online strategy. With more than 50 digital download services on the market, it becomes inefficient for the independent label to create and manage individual relationships with each service on their own. IODA makes this process simple." said Daniel Duerr, President for Emerald City Entertainment Group.

About IODA

IODA provides digital distribution services for independent record labels, artists and publishers. IODA services include collective bargaining leverage to counter the advantages currently enjoyed by major labels and publishers within digital music outlets, royalty payment administration, reporting tools for precise tracking of digital releases, digital retail marketing and promotion, and one-stop shopping for digital music services to license valuable independent music.

About Emerald City

Based in Northern California, Emerald City Entertainment Group is a contemporary music production company providing end-to-end services including record production, radio promotion, music publishing, artist management, a recording studio, and a record label. Emerald City aims to deliver a higher quality musical product on a global basis by delivering its musical product the old fashioned way – sincere songwriting, soulful music from real musicians, and a belief that exceptional music will always warrant recognition.

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