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Whether you are a film maker, a television director, or an advertising executive, you are challenged to entertain your audience while invoking intense emotion around your story, product, and/or brand. Just as there are many styles of visual presentation, there are critically different styles of audio. Jingles are custom tailored to your message, but their entertainment value may be limited. Cost aside, the original song of an already-famous superstar may sound cool, but it may not support your theme or story. Of course, background music is just that -- background.

The MTV-generation has become the largest consumer buying group, placing new demands on today’s advertisers and content producers. Innovations and technologies for production and mastering of original music provide cost savings and decreased time-to-market for today’s advertisers, film makers, and television networks. Additionally, the association between an artist's original song and an advertising campaign, film, or television show can drastically increase its saliency and longevity.

Soundtrack Singles

Soundtrack Singles effectively bridge the gap between pure entertainment and relevancy, as they are original songs composed and performed by the artist, aimed as much at the Billboard® charts as they are at your message or story line. As they don't blatantly "pitch" your product or brand, they create a relationship with your audience that is based on a feeling, not a reaction. With a successful background in creative services and an ever-growing artist portfolio, Emerald City can provide the best possible sound for your production.

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