chadwick hagan, singer/songwriter

Chadwick Hagan thinks labels are for cans, and if Chadwick Hagan were a canned product, he’d be nearly impossible to label himself. But that’s the point- you can’t compress Hagan into one 12 ounce serving. He’s far too eclectic and diversified for that.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, a city beset with civil rights history and good ol’ boy antics, Hagan left his white washed suburb behind for a stint at Harvard University. Graduating with a degree in Economics, he hopped to the other side of the pond to study economics in London. So, between his transatlantic studies and life in the South, where does the singing/song writing fit in?

Everywhere, of course. If there’s one message Hagan wants to get across, it’s that his writing is without limits. He knows you don’t care about what’s going on with his girlfriend, and you certainly don’t need to know if he was bullied in high school. His message is self-interpreted: he calls it how he sees it, and that’s all there is to it. Inspiration comes in all forms for Hagan, whether it be from his own experience, that of others, or while making eggs in the kitchen.

In a sense, Hagan is the modern day Renaissance man. Ivy-league educated, world traveled, and versed in music theory, he brings it all to the table. Hagan has taken the talent of song writing and crafted it into a refined skill. Whether blindsided by inspiration while he’s out around town, or sitting down with the sole purpose to compose, Hagan’s tunes are heartfelt, soulful, and engaging.

Hagan’s music is influenced by the Grateful Dead, minus the free form jams, and Oasis, sans the band. He’s influenced by the British scene, and wants to set the record straight that he’s not a good ol’ Southern boy, and didn’t let the South dictate who he was to become. So, don’t hold out for any country ballads about lost loves and beer. Especially beer in cans.

songs written by Chadwick Hagan
If It Will from Ottley Road (Chadwick Hagan) © 2005
Ran Away from Ottley Road (Chadwick Hagan) © 2005
Come Back Home from Ottley Road (Chadwick Hagan) © 2005
Not As Down from Ottley Road (Chadwick Hagan) © 2005
A Darling from Ottley Road (Chadwick Hagan) © 2005
Early Morning from Ottley Road (Chadwick Hagan) © 2005
So Very Sorry from Ottley Road (Chadwick Hagan) © 2005