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Ottley Road

Ottley Road (2005)

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Chadwick Hagan's Reviews

“Hagan cribs ideas from everyone from Big Star to Oasis, ending up with a catchy if somewhat derivative brand of good-timey power pop that's at its best on songs like the shuffling, catchy opener If It Will and the soulful, organ-driven Not as Down.” AMG

“Between Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Himmelman, Bob Schneider and Tom Petty emerges Chadwick Hagan.” KKSM

“The music was excellent. He's a very talented singer/songwriter.” WSWI

Chadwick Hagan's Bio

Influenced by the Grateful Dead, inspired by Oasis, and infatuated with Paul Weller, Chadwick Hagan's sound combines the essence of rock and roll with a soulful pop angle for a welcomed dose of originality. His lyrics are lucid and universal; a combination of his own observations and experiences, yet unable to be slipped into one restrictive formula. The Chadwick Hagan experience evokes fond memories of music the way it's meant to be played: live, personal, and full of soul.